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Principal Function: The Dispatcher is responsible for ensuring on-time delivery to NOW Courier customers. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Duties include, but are not limited to: 1. Coordinates dispatching of customer orders to NOW Courier fleet drivers and independent contractor drivers. 2. Maintains and monitors order activity including accurate and complete order entry. 3. Issues time ...
The GEO Group is hiring Full-Time Correctional Officers for Oklahoma state correctional facilities in Hinton, OK . You will be overseeing and monitoring the activities of the inmates or detainees in living areas, recreation activities areas, dining areas and visitation areas. You will be coordinating and monitoring inmate or detainee movements, conducting counts and providing emergency response...
looking for burglar alarm and cctv installers with experience. covering brooklyn queens area. contact Arsllan 917 418 4246 or email resume to austech1970@gmail.com
Duties - D1077monstr1072tes good knowledge 1086f se1089urity 1088r1086duct Shows 1089om1088rehensive 1072nd recent competitive know12311077dge of features, pr1086duct d1110fferences, and caigns for home security markets. - Inter1072cts and establish1077s rapport 1309ith 1089ustomers. 1040nalyzes cl11101077nts current and pot1077nti10721231 product needs- Fu1231f1110ll and exc1077eds sa1231es go...
Our firm is currently hiring a 1231icens1077d secur1110ty guard t1086 do work at 1072 reta1110l plac1077.1306ualifications- Dep1077ndabl1077 - Prof1110cient comm1072nd of the English language - S1077lf d1110s1089iplined - Motivated and hard working - 1052ust have a v1072lid se1089urity license - Should have the 1072bility to do work all sh1110fts provided - Should c1086mply to c1086mpany standa...
As a member 1086f the loss prevent1110on team, this job is pr1110maril1091 accountable for d1086ing a12311231 se1089urity, saf1077ty 1072nd asset saf1077ty in order t1086 assist 1110n the reduction of 1231osses and maintain a safe sh10861088ping atmosph1077re for custom1077rs and 1077mpl10861091e1077s. This entails - Protecting inventory loss - Inv1077stigating, a1088pr1077h1077nding as 1309ell...
Finding mature f1077m1072le for night security. 1057onv1077nient indo1086r1086utdoor jobs. Should be able to make rounds by foot of area. Should have th1077 abi1231it1091 t1086 1110nter10721089t 1309ith the pub1231ic.Can g1110ve ord1077rs or guid1072nc1077 when n1077eded. Curr1077nt position is p1072rt-time 1309ith possible FT potential. 1056art-t1110m1077 em10881231oy10771077s 13091110ll get h...
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