Lorrie, the cleverly named Lorikeet, is 8yrs old and full of energy. She is a vibrant, lovely beauty who will keep you entertained. She loves to tell you "bye bye baby," and will surprise you with the unique and realistic sounds that she makes. Lorrie loves dinner time and anxiously awaits her meal every morning and evening.
Pair 1 normal color swainsons year round breeders 2 babies each clutch and will lay as soon as eggs are pulled or raise until weaning all by themselves. Social with people will step up. $1000 Pair 2 grey green swainsons excellent parents will foster anything. 2 babies a clutch and will sit and feed. All birds have had babies in 2018 and are ready for nesting again $1200
ALL ANIMALS - Specializing in Birds Behavior Evaluation / Training / Consultation / Lessons / Information Building trust, confidence and great relationships. Teaching "good" behavior. ALL ANIMALS - Specializing in Birds IATCB Certified Professional Bird Trainer IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant Individual focus on your interests and concerns. Simple, gentle, effective and fun for ...
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