Hello ladies, these are in fact pads and not diapers, there is exactly 39 pads and they are all overnight , I put that in parentheses because the overnight part doesn t work for me. These are the Walmart equate brand pads, as we know the name brand stuff is expensive so thinking I d save some money I bought these but they don t do much for my angry flow, I recommend these for a lighter flow, do...
All free, must take it all. Perfume- Rhianna reb'l fleur & small pink kiss Various skin samples, gentle soap All hair elastics/clips never used Necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings Shower gloves and sponge never used Might find something else??
Free. They should all be useable. 20+ polishes. First come first served, pick up only in Winkler.
Certifies Make Up Artist and Registered Hair Stylist booking for prom and weddings!