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7 gallon whisky barrel that has been used for homebrews. Olney Mill. original post date: 2021-06-03
Five emptied half whiskey barrels for planting. All have plastic liners with holes drilled for drainage.
It is well used, but seems to be intact, black plastic, with slits in bottom for drainage. Should fit a 23" inside diameter barrel. Best to put some support under it however, which i had not done. The rusty steel hoops are there too if you want them. I gave the slats away for fire wood:) It is sitting in my front yard.
Looking for a 50 gallon wine or whiskey barrel with lid on top, cork in the middle part of barrel. If anyone has one they don't want or knows someone who does, please let me know! Thanks!!
Looking to cover a septic cover with a barrel full of flowers
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