Child's watch, issued by the Owl Magazine. Analog-style (with a face and hands). Works perfectly
Garmin FR60 red and dark grey watch. Comes with the watch, a little wireless pedometer to clip to your shoe, a heart rate monitor strap, and the manual. It's not a GPS, you calibrate it by walking or running a certain distance, but it's pretty accurate.
Dealer says battery is strong but watch sometimes stops, then starts. BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEING OFFERED. Includes black/red Barton quick release silicone band, original (worn) leather band (missing one pin).
Motorola 360 Smart Watch Light Stainless Steel Case Gray Leather Band Prefer FAST pick up
Motorola 360 Smart Watch Light Stainless Steel Case Gray Leather Band Prefer FAST pick up
Working new nurses watch. Meant to be pinned on chest. Quartz.
I have about 10 (Empty) Invicta Watch Boxes for when I have my Watch Collection.
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Im giving away my watch repair kit. Ive used it before to adjust the length of chains in my watch, but now I have a digital watch and no longer wear a stainless steel.Must pick up at Zion Mart on University and Michelson.
over a month agoFerndale, MIFree Stuff
Fitness watch: NOT a FIT BIT. This was SWAG for a charity donation. Digital, battery included, displays time-fitness icons: minimal instructions. Lt. grey silicone, slightly rugged, not waterproof. It appear to have stopwatch function. Don't know anything else. You would have to figure it out.
Looking forward to sending your kids outside once they won't melt? Looking to improve your own balance? Get a slackline,watch this,and voila!
Free TV in between Greenlawn and Tyckenham on Belmont Ave. Its on the curb. It has some white spots not very noticeable when your watching a show.
Mr. Rooster isnt getting along with his dad and needs his own hens He hasnt shown any aggressive signs and is just about a year old. He is used to free ranging during the day and is watched by a guardian dog. Mixed breed.
Does anyone still watch VHS movies with their kids? If so, I have these to offer. Power Rangers - Power Playback Power Rangers - SPACE Scooby-Doo Zombie Island The Incredible Journey Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy Switching Goals Mary Kate & Ashley s Costume Party BABE - Pig in The City If interested please let me know when you d like to pick up. Thank you.
Please dont flag. Its FREE Please tell me what I am doing wrong before flagging this FREE item. I was not able to get an actual picture of my TV but its in perfect condition. Yes this is an old style projection TV. It was $3245.00 when new. Totally top of the line HD TV. It has a piece of glass in the front so its a perfectly flat projection surface. Seems like you are watching a flat screen In...
Brown leather recliner. Well loved and worn but clean and from a non smoking household. We're getting a sectional and don't have the room for it. You could probably get a spillover for it to spruce it up. It was thousands of dollars new when my s.o.'s mother bought it for his grandfather. Definitely a great chair to read, watch tv or fall asleep in(I have many times)
Sheets, blankets, dishes, grandfather clock, deer hunting clothes, 2 vacuum cleaners, etc until 4:00 today Location is on Hy. 49 north of Iola at public storage unit. Watch for rummage sale signs.
I have hundreds of used ziplock bags. Most have some writing on them. Have been used to store jewelry items. Sizes: 3"x4" (for small items, fits a regular size business card) 4"x4" 2"x8" (for watches, bracelets) 6"x9" There are too many bags to count.
Hello! Have you seen Swagbucks? You should check it out. It's a great way to always have a little extra cash, which I think is totally up your alley. You earn reward points for doing things like searching the web, shopping, watching videos and answering surveys. You can redeem those points for all kinds of gift cards. It's a no brainer, really. Click my referral link to get started: http://www....
Large old heavy 36" Sony television. Still works perfectly. I've been using it with a Roku to watch movies and Netflix.
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