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Old, but serviceable. Sometimes slows down while walking and cover plate on one side is missing. Needs two strong people to move this out.
I am in need of a treadmill for health reasons. I can't afford a treadmill and need one. Thank you in advance
Brand new, basic treadmill. Bought it, assembled it, and then hubby told me he bought a fancy, high speed version (which will probably still end up being a clothes rack, but I digress). Anyway, works fine, folds up easily. Not very heavy, but is awkward so you need two, regular strength, people to get it down the stairs without scraping up the walls or stairs. I can't help because of back issue...
Hi... I'm in search of a new or used working treadmill. Thank you in advance!
This treadmill was great but then started having issues where you'd walk for a few minutes and it would stop. Opened it up, lubricated it but still had an issue. It's now been open and sitting in my garage for about a year. Come get it. It is outside on the corner of Heathcroft and Norcroft Drive in University City. Just off Harris.
Older, but it works. I would need help bringing it from the basement. iIt breaks down to two pieces.
Hello, I am looking for a treadmill for walking/jogging inside during the work day. I have a chronic back illness and need to periodically walk to keep my back healthy. I do not have a lot of space, but am open to all sizes of treadmills. Thank you everyone for your generosity.
I'm looking for a treadmill that can easily hold my husband's weight of 230#--just in case he'll actually get on it. I use my currently failing treadmill (ProForm 480 E) just about every day and need to continue. Don't need any bells and whistles, just need it to fold up and to be fully functional.
Free treadmill - Gold s Gym Crosswalk 570 Speeds up to 10 mph, incline to 10% grade. Nice cushioning for bad knees. Folds up easily and securely. Has worked great with regular light use but needs some tinkering. The belt stopped running recently and I m not handy. If you re handy, could be a great treadmill for you. You pick up. Text (916) 337-8961 for pick up. More details: LCD Display readout...
If anyone has a working recombant bicycle or treadmill they would like to get rid of, please contact me. Thanks.
I am looking for a working foldable treadmill. I donated mine on this site and bought a recumbent bike only to find out that the bike bothered my back. So, now I m back to looking for a treadmill. I have a strong husband with a trailer that can easily pick it up. I would be so grateful if you have one you need taken off your hands!
Treadmill works. It's yours if you will come and get it!
Basic treadmill. Keysfitness products, Milestone 1200 series with owners manual. Folds up, programable, inclines. Excellent shape. You pick up. (Email contact)
Professional type treadmill. works well. Heavy.
This is a nice treadmill. It folds up for storage against a wall. The belt is new. It is in fully operational condition. I can help get it out of the basement, it is a straight shot up the stairs. It has two wheels to roll it on. The display shows how far you have walkes and the speed. It can also show your heart rate.
Working treadmill sitting in my garage, will need 2 men to lift
Nautilus T616 Treadmill. Works great, but had to be torn down to remove from room. Will need to be put back together or can be used for parts. Needs a new wiring connector that broke while tearing down.
I have a 21 year old Proform treadmill that still works. It's just too big and I'll have to find another place to hang my clothes. I will soon be putting it out on the front porch. It does fold up so it doesn't take up a lot of space.
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