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I have 2 large "luxury" rat cages--meant especially for rats--with 3 climbing levels and room for toys/stimulation. Would be great for a rat rescue organization or an avid rat owner. Completely cleaned with bleach and broken down for easier transport. (Set up is easy)
Hello. I m looking for a pet cage either rat or ferret. Or even a bigger bird cage Adopted 2 rats recently and they need a better cage
I am looking for a rat cage.
I just got a Ginny pig from a lady that wasn t taking care of him Iv just need a cage ASAP I have rats so Iv been letting the sleep in the same cage bc they haven t caught but if someone could help it would be awesome
Gerbil/hamster/rat cages (4), 1 almost like new, barely used, good quality, kids winter boots, small women's boots, female clothing (age 10, age 14, small woman), staple gun, scooter, hose sprayers, kids roller blades size 2.5), kids rakes - all good stuff. No need to email me - just come and get it. All in front of the garage.
For Chinchillas, rats, etc. Includes hay/food rack, plastic tray with rails for droppings. I made a solid two piece plywood floor for our Guinea pig when I found out the wire floor was a hazard for these animals until I could purchase the correct cage. NOT for rabbits nor guinea pigs, both these animals need a larger cage (minimum 2 x4 per animal). Would be ok for babies but not a long term hom...
My daughter is looking for rat or hamster tubing to extend her hamster's cage.
Hello, I am looking to see if anyone has some extra ferret sized cages they do not need anymore. I am willing to drive over to you as well. Just looking for a bigger home for my little rat can explore more when I am at work and everything. Thank you :)
Need baby doll tops matinity cloths hats for my hair that fell cassette tapes for my cassette player need a hobby must is love like the 80s and 90 mix taps I will take whatever you have too offer I need a rat walking thing a bigger cage too got two weeks ago got a new cage don't think big enough want the little girl too happy I'm also looking chihuahua puppie need make up too thanks
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