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Puppy pads, any size. Or mattress protection pads. (I m fostering kittens and need pads to line the floor, carrier,...)
New retriever puppy (15#?) is going to a lake, and might go paddleboarding. So she needs a life jacket! Since it's something she will quickly outgrow, it's particularly logical to search for an unused one in someone's garage. Do you have one for us? Thanks for looking!
Crate, cushion, puppy backpack, harness and more
I am looking for a puppy pen. foldable. For use of a new puppy
My 85 aunt/uncle have rescued a miniture poodle from being euthanized. Unfortunately, their Sweetie has diabetes and doesn't go outside. They are looking for donations of diabetic needles and puppy pads. Thank you for your help.
I just got a puppy and need baby gates to corral this curious guy.
A good size playpen that is still in good condition around Lynn,Salem and peabody would be great!
Rescued a puppy and trying to potty train until I find owners
Looking for any size or amount. Thank you!
Looking for a baby bath tub in good condition. Will be used to give medicated baths to foster puppies. Thank you!
We rescued a small dog in need of a play yard we can use both inside and out. She is so sweet and we are working on no chewing on item other than her play things. A play yard ( kinda like a play pen for children) would be very helpful.
Almost full box of puppy pee pads original post date: 2021-06-09
50 puppy pads and a nearly full bottle of that encourages puppy to go in a particular area.
I have a lot of absorbent pads some marketed for dogs and some marketed for people. My dog passed and I am ready to pass these along. I have hundreds of them. I also have a couple of dog beds for very small dogs. Easy porch pick up in Deep River.
Package of 100 with probably a few missing. It turned out that the puppy learned very quickly and now we have all of these extra training pads.
I ll be getting an older dog soon from a rescue and in need of gates to keep her enclosed in certain areas of the house until she gets comfortable. Thank you.
I am trying to find a baby gate that came fit where the top of my stairs are.. I can pick up anytime. Thank you
Battery operated wall clock with Roman numerals and a variety of small dogs/puppies on them. I do not know if it works or not.
I have a metal gate and play pen for a puppy if anyone needs it. They are in good shape and worked well for our pup! Fair Offer Policy applies
MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate | iCrate Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates | Fully Equipped 30" plus divider plus bed. Sam has outgrown it
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