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I have three wooden pallets to give away.They are standard size pallets. I respond to people through this app. thank you.
Standard size pallet plus a small one ~ 30" x 30" and a long one ~24" X 96"
Two wood pallets. Take one or both. Use as is for your next project. Or disassemble them and use the wood pieces. Heavy duty pallet is approximately 40" X 48". Lightweight pallet is approximately 48" X 49". You will probably need a truck or van to accommodate the size of these pallets.
Plastic pallets, 6" H X 40"W X 48L. The first photo is the fron of the pallet and the second is the back. There are 5 pallets.
Great pallet made of good wood thick plywood pieces perfect for crafters
Hi! We have one double pallet, new and very sturdy. 212 x 112 cm. Please come by anytime between 10.30 AM and 6PM for pickup. Thanks!
Le r seaux de Rescapage Canin Tiny Paws est la recherche de palettes de bois de 4 pi x 8 pi afin de construire un abris contre les intemp ries pour les chiens dont ils ont en familles d accueil. Tiny Paws Dog Rescue is looking for 4 ft x 8ft wood pallets to build a shelter against the weather for the dogs it has in Foster care. Contact: Robert
One pallet, came with a delivery.
I have the pieces of a crate used to ship a desk from the west coast. It is pallet sized and about three feet high. Please see the photo. Please take the entire thing even if you only want the wood. I also have two trash bags of peanuts. These would cost you (well, they cost me!) $20+ bucks at the UPS or U-haul stores. I would rather not put them in the landfill.
96 x 40 inch wood pallet. FREE!! Please be able to pick up. Thanks!
I am looking two pallets please :-)
Hi! I'm a young man looking to build raised beds. I'm accepting debarked, heat treated, and epal pallets. Thank you!
Heat Treated pallet wood. Good for small projects. I made planter boxes with some of it. Please take all
Your typical warehouse pallet, but larger. Measures 84" long with slats 37" wide. New Berlin near Greenfield Park. May need a 2nd person to help you load.
Wood from a broken down pallet available for DIY/crafting projects.
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