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I want to learn how to play the bass but can't afford one at the moment. If anyone has one they aren't using and are willing to part ways with it let me know! (:
Light weight metal stand. Used. Hinged neck holder. Adjustable height. Pickup in Brampton
Hi! I'm looking for guitars and other musical instruments in decent working condition. Minor repairs needed ok. Thank you!
I'm looking for a guitar neck from a real (not toy) guitar to use as part of a craft gift im making. Electric or acoustic doesn't matter, and the rest of the guitar doesn't matter to me. So if you have a damaged or old guitar laying around I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
Zip 22306 Please pick up this weekend. Fair Offer Policy applies
Yamaha model G235. Needs new strings. Barely played.
Take whatever you would like. Large hockey table, sturdy desk, two old guitars, art pieces, box of old VHS tapes, new in the box Christmas Lights, old set of silver toms for a drum set. Out by the curb and ready to be picked up ASAP. Message me and I'll give you the address :)
[PROMISED] This has been promised to some one. Holster three guitars. In great shape, a little dusty from not being used for a while.
Check your guitar on the plane without worries! Perfect for the guitarist on the move. Wheel it through the airport! This clam crate carries your guitar + case inside. Works best with small to medium-sized hard guitar cases.
4 Xbox and 4 Wii videogame Guitars. Haven't been used in years, but last we knew they worked. See picture.
I know I'm probably reaching here but ... My son has fallen on hard times (been homeless off and on for two + years .. more often than not) he has a talent for playing guitar but hasn't had one to play in a long LONG time ... I would really like to get another guitar for him.
I just recently bought a new acoustic guitar, a dreadnought, and need a case for it. Ideally something dark in color, waterproof, and a rigid shape to help protect it.
Two books: 1) guitar for near beginners and 2) giant review of chords, strums and fundamentals
Hello! I have been picking banjo and guitar since I was 16 and now I'd like to learn to play bass... but I need a bass. I know it's a bit of a long shot but if anyone has a bass that's just sitting around, I'd like to put it to good use. Thanks! Brad U
Crate brand amp and acoustic guitar pick-up. In great condition. original post date: 2021-06-07
I m looking for a hard sided case to protect a classical guitar I got recently as a gift. I m afraid the cloth case won t protect it enough. Do you have one lying around? Doesn t have to be perfect, just functional! Thank you for considering!
Hi, I'm a beginner to guitar and I want to practice and learn before making a large investment in a good guitar. If you have any old guitar you don't use or want anymore, that's still playable, please let me know at 8329982902. Thank you!
Looking for working or non working guitars. thank you
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