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Cut and split sumac. I thought I'd be using it way more often that I actually am and don't want it sitting here in the fall.
It is a 25+ foot black walnut with a 10-inch trunk which can be felled safely.
We're in need of wood and can come and get it right away. Thanks!!
VERY seasoned (several years) firewood I thought we would use but didn't. Bay Farm Pick-up
Corner of Quaker Church Road and Jennifern. Easy to split take as much as you can use. Fair Offer Policy applies
Get ready for winter by stocking up on firewood early!
Branches and saplings, 1 to 3 inches in diameter, enough to fill a car trunk.
Tree was cut and wood cut into managable sizes. At the curbside on Robbie Road.
I have a small amount of firewood from a tree that was pulled down in October. If you're interested, I will send you the address to pick it up.
Looking for wood for backyard fire pit. I don't need or want a lot, just enough for a couple nights' worth of backyard fires with friends. Would appreciate any leads. Thanks!
Free oak firewood available for pickup. Call 989-577-0567 to schedule a pick up time.
2-3 cords, oak, ash, red maple, & paper birch. Cut & piled Feb-May 2020. Some cut 16", some pieces up to 12' long.
This was posted before but was not cut up just reposting since the wood has been cut up Type of wood is fruit wood of pear tree Plz state the day ....any day is good for me The hours are from 9 am to 4 pm. Bring your own equipment n help Fair Offer Policy applies
I have a bunch of logs from a silver maple. They are not split, from 12-24" in diameter, and are firewood length. These logs are heavy and will need a trailer for transport.
Brass-tone metal firewood keeper for indoor use.
Piles of firewood cut log size scattred around front yard
We had a part of one of our trees fall late last spring, and we had saved the wood to be chopped for use in our fireplace, however, we had far more than we needed (probably still enough to fill the bed of a truck after we chopped a good bit and filled our firewood stand). Would love to pass this along to a new home. Please let me know in your response when you'd be able to pick up. Best,
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