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Red curved scalloped bricks for garden edging. Just need a few please, unable to find in stores! Thanks kindly
I need 42 unbroken bricks to complete a patio. Thank you!
reddish/terra colour, please let me know if interested to arrange pick-up. This is from a garage renovation.
Looking for Flagstone pavers / slabs and bricks for patio garden edge. For a do it yourself project.
Looking for Flagstone pavers / slabs and bricks for patio and garden edge / border
seeking bricks reclaimed/recycled to build chimney
Basically our condo manager is becoming a slum lord, so us residents want to stop being the eyesore of the neighborhood. The only problem is we are all broke. If anyone has any bricks or anything to hold mulch and soil in that they don't want, please let us know. Thanks! Oh, photo just for showing what we're talking about since we don't know technical garden verbiage.
30 bricks In good condition I plan to put them at the end of the drive this evening. Someone might take them then. So if your really want them email me asap. original post date: 2021-06-06
From a salvaged chimney: 10 each concrete chimney blocks, Square; outer 15 1/2", inner opening 9", 7 1/2" tall. Salvaged -- needs some old mortar chipped off 2 each flue pipes, Square; outer 8 1/2"; inner 7". 24" tall a few dozen assorted Red Bricks, 3 1/2" x 8" x 2 3/4", including a few "decorative", i.e. warped edges. Also about 30 regular Concrete building blocks
I have 5 circular pavers and bricks from a fireplace available for pick up!
HP / Compaq Laptop Power Supply(s) Model is PPP012L-E HP part # 608428001 100-240VAC input (3 pin plug) to 19VDC 7.5mm OD barrel plug 90 Watt I also have a smaller / lighter version that is 65W - same input and output plugs. Please see picture(s). Pickup in Northwest Farmington Hills - Most days Please indicate day(s)/times(s) you can pick the items up and your name in your request. Check your ...
Piles of used & broken bricks. Possibly could be used for landfill
Looking for scalloped red bricks, curved or straight. Thank You
I m looking for lots (need about 300), OLD (no new ones) red bricks, either regular ones or old street bricks, please. Let me know, please, my handyman is making me a walkway on the side of my house. Can pick them up. Thank you.
do you have any bricks, or pavers, left over from a project? does not matter color or size, as long as clean. i am trying to replace some broken concret, and i can make most anything fit...thanks
We removed from landscaping and will need cleaned up before using. Behind Doctor's Hospital West/Lincoln Village North area. Sitting at curb ready to go today.
Looking for pavers or bricks to outline a garden I need about 20-25.
Pulled up a bunch of garden edging bricks. Some vintage yellow bricks, some sharp-edged modernish bricks, some whole, some broken. Probably more than 100. Will try and get a pic, but not sure if there is even any interest--so if you want to see a pic let me know, and I'll increase my effort.
Patio bricks. About half are full size and the others are half thickness.
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