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These land tortoises are very healthy and well tamed. I have available babies, juveniles, subadults, and adults. Species include the greek, Russian, Sulcatas, Aldabra, Cherryhead, Galapagos, Indian star tortoise, leopard, Radiata and much more. Prices are moderate. Discounts are available too. You can email me for more details on prices or call me at (612) 502-6006.
24 inch Length 36 inch Width 17 inch Height 2 foot fluorescent lamp And bulb socket for UV Heating pad Water (bowl) rock
2 year old rainbow boa, 2 tanks (large tank doesn't have lid) small tank comes with heating pad, 2 lights, water dish, and shelter.
We have some starting at just $65 each. Great for pets, kids, and adults! Tame and eating like clockwork... drop us a line!
We have some starting at just $65 each. Great for pets, kids, and adults! Tame and eating like clockwork... drop us a line!
Very nice reptile enclosure. Currently housing a Crested Gecko. Will come with everything inside, uvb light on top and the table it's sitting on.
I am selling a beautiful baby African Spurred Tortoise. I hate that I have to get rid of him but I am moving :( I'm including his size 10 glass aquarium for no additional cost :)
Comes with two lights, timer for light, cage, several bowls, and basking rock.
Nice size 40 gallon breeder tank. Comes with tank, stand, basking lamp, uvb light, and few other decor
2 male panther chameleons $150 each have custom breeder cages available as well .
Very nice custom made tortoise or reticle enclosure . Holds good humidity and comes with a metal stand. Measures 5 feet long , 3 feet high and 2 feet wide .
3 light options, all work perfect. Got out of reptiles and need to sell 24x6
Hello moving cross country and have to re-home my African Spurred Tortoise. He comes with Terrarium, lights, food and vitamins. Please remember these guys get very large over 200 pounds and prefer to live outdoors once they reach a larger size.
LARGE RABBIT / GUINEA PIG, REPTILE, ETC., CAGE ON WHEELS. Measures 32" x 20" and 41" tall...Great condition, cost $$$, Perfect for a gift this season! Cville ppu, Xposted
Healthy gorgeous spider ball pythons, males/females- eating well, great coloration, 350-400 grams. $75 No trades or deliveries. call/text (562)458-8304 .
We selling our female bearded dragons. Their around seven months old. They love to sit on you chest and walk around with you. They are very friendly. And they love their crickets. Comes with the aquarium and all the stuff inside. Asking 100


Breeder pair of adult leopard geckos comes with 20 gal long with screen top and all accounts . Also check out my listing I'm selling one of their babies as well
2 month old leopard gecko very cute come with 10 gal tank and accessories . I'm also selling her mom and dad as wel
Young Savanah monitor . He is grumpy which is normal for young ones but can still be handled out of cage very active and eats great does not come with cage but for his size a large aquarium 55 or larger will suite fine for now . I will b I've u his hide he likes as well
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