Buddy is a 3 year old Bearded dragon. He comes with everything you see in pic. 60gal glass tank, stand, 6mons. of food.Live Palm tree.toys, ect.
Selling this ball python, with tank, lamp, stand, log, home, comes with a stand as well. Message me for more. I ll send more pictures too (pick up only) Text only!! 9106505024
Rack, heat tape, thermostat, 6 bins and four 2018 ball pythons for sale.


TurtlE is a Golden Retriever/Nice Pyrenees mixture that is black with white markings so he is a Black Golden Pyr which is 1 of the accepted colors for this mixture. Their mother is a Nice Pyrenees who is our 90 lbs while the Golden Retriever male is 75 lbs. Golden Pyrs are good with children and other pets, and they are very friendly and sweet! Our precious puppies were veterinarian checked, de...
The bearded dragons are sisters and they are almost a year old. Comes with everything for the bearded dragons. Reason to sell: we don t have much time to care for them properly.
Male ambilobe chameleon. Hatched in July 2018. He can be held after he learns to trust you. $400 firm. He comes with everything that you will need. Water dripper, plastic plants, heat lamp, uvb hood/light bulb and 18x18x36 zoo med reptibreeze cage.
This bearded dragon has been with me for almost two years now. Shy, but full of personality. Loves mealworms and fresh chopped salad. I named him Cinnamon, and I've never been sure what his gender is. I love him but I have no room for him anymore. Hoping he goes to a kind loving family! Asking price is $375, which includes: - 40 gal front-open tank - Basking and UV heat bulb and fixtures - 3 Fo...
read all ran out of time to put together fully H3 hybrid enclosure system / reptile or bird cage 74 T - 60 W - 36 D = overall measurements storage at bottom is 12 T - 60 W - 36 D cage is 60 T - 60 W - 36 D the log is 6' long and 10 round wipe down with Clorox and water brand name web-sight cagesbydesign. com / new $2514.oo just for the rocks and log set cost over $300.oo some pics have # on the...
Female Very friendly only bit once after feeding Comes with two types of heating lights and one that has two bulbs. Comes with tank Decorations Food Worm enclosure for feeding Humidity spray Sand was 30$ so it will be added to the price(48 hours it needs to sit in the tank before the dragon can go in) Comes with a separate box of tank decorations and everything seen in the photos
3 adult ball pythons: 1 normal, 1 spider ball, and 1 albino. Needs good home. Comes with 40gal tank with water bowl and hideout.Asking for $300 or make an offer
8month year old red crested gecko comes in medium sized terrarium cokes with everything you see one light one heat pad 300$ or best offer my cat attacks their terrarium a lot and I m not home enough and don t get to hangout with them anymore check my page for my two year old gecko listed at 450$obo
T10 animal plastics cage. Locking sliding glass doors, LED lighting, and heat panel. Installed and ready for use. Optional mystic potion ball python and frozen mice included. Snake is under a year old. Moving. Text for pics.
Tank for lizards with lights and all items one need to place a lizard there. Good for bearded dragon. Ideal for grown or growing lizard. Has scooper for debris, water bowl, food bowl, some brunches and extra lights. Main lights are on the special hanging pole over the tank. Here is detailed description : National Geographic Two bulbs lamp on a metal holder, aquarium, three wooden fixtures, two ...
Red and tan female moving and can not take to next place I just went out and bought a new starter kit it's never been open need her gone by tomorrow she comes with crickets
Looking to rehome my pastel ball python before college move ins! - he s about 2 years old, maybe a few months older - super docile, sweet, and explorative once he gets accustomed to you - has never bit anyone ever - purchased from a local breeder
31L x 19W x 19.5 H Clean, well cared for tank in great condition. Front doors slide open for easy access. Lid has a bit of warping from heat lamps. Comes with 2 lamps (no bulbs), 2 lamp clamps, a Nova timer, and there is a plugin exoterra heat mat on one bottom corner Pickup Only in Bowmanville $220 for everything, OBO