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Sonny is a long-haired American Fuzzy Lop. He has a very sweet disposition and loves to get headpets and the occasional treat. He will require frequent grooming to help keep his long fur free of mats and he needs a fairly large area to lounge and pla...
Delilah is a 1 year old lilac fuzzy Lop. She is a sweet girl who enjoys attention. Adoption fee 50
We have a fuzzy Holland Lop buck looking for their forever home. He was born on 4/8/21 and will come with a pedigree as well as transition feed. This little one would do great as a family pet as he has a wonderful temperament and is very laid back. We are located near Fort Wayne, IN and would be happy to meet locally for pick up. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our o...
Here is the link to the only Fuzzy lop Royal lines have produced . She is a pet and has unique requirements to keep her healthy due to her 4+ inch coat. She is to a pet home that will love her until she grows old and passes.
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