5'-6' Lace catfish $25/4 for $75
55 gallon tank complete--$150 Reduced price with 10 adult African cichlid's


40 gallon bow front complete $90, 29 gallon, 20, 10 gallon w/light heater, sponge filter,$80, $50 and $20 361-815-7318
40 gallon Bow Front aquarium-complete$90. 29 and 20 gallon--Light, heater, gravel and sponge filter
I have Japanese Koi fishs for sale... they are all very nicely size from: 3 inches to 14+ inches =)) $9/each to $65/each ((*_*)) GinRin Kohaku, Showa, Bekko, Kohaku, Goshiki, Hikari, Kawarimono, Goromo, Kujaku, Kumonryu, Platinum Ogon, Orenju Ogon, Sanke, Tancho Sanke, Yamabuki Ogon, Utsuri ((*_*)) We have oxygen and plastic bags for transportation. KEVIN (408) 931 - 5915 or 2826 yreka ave s...

Koy fish

Koy fish 12 of them 6 to 12” in length 65.00 a piece
I have a 125 gallon fish tank for sale of rocks filter light and hood
Complete setup includes whisper filter, overhead light in cover, live and artificial plants, rocks, shells, and sunken ship. The beta fish is around a year old. The filter needs replaced monthly.
Large fish tank with everything you need to get going. (just add gravel, water and fish!) Includes what you see inside the tank with a large external water filter. We purchased brand new from petco. Everything in the tank ran over $600. We had two large turtles in it for about 2 years. They have since found a new home.
$15 for the 10gal abd $65 for 55Gal tanks no cracks no leaks
10gl fish tank with net, working pump, working light, and a artificial rock that fish can swim through.
make / manufacturer: Aquian Three air pumps, five LED lights, plants, three decorative bubble pieces, auto feeder still in box, lcd thermometer strips and emergency air pump (battery)
PU in DeKalb. Cash only. Will include betta food and water purifying drops if you buy both.
Beautiful guppie tank lots & lots of beautiful fish. Ask for other setups! Text/call for more info
Beautiful setup. Call/Text for more pics setup info.
Complete, cycled and running. 30 gal biocube Hydor Koralia power head Ehime heater Coralife skimmer 30 lbs of live rock 30 lbs of sand 2 mated and hosting black onyx misbar clowns 1 blood shrimp 1 Orange bubble tip anemone (hard to find!) Various other corals 700$ **OBO** More pictures upon request
Tank, fish, decorations, new filter, bag of fish pellets! Awesome deal! Ready just for you
PU in DeKalb. Cash only. Will include betta food and water purifying drops. Price for both. Sold together.
Used fish tank aquarium light Bob might not work but I know the light Body Works
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