Re-homing several fish. I have some big ones and little ones. I m moving and I can t take them with me. I will be selling the tank but I would prefer to re-home them to someone who has an existing tank and knows how to care for these aggressive fish. Message me if you are interested and I will give more pictures and details about what I have. Pick up in Everett area

Fish tank

Small fish tank has blue light, heater, filter and new box of cartridges. I also have new stones and plants to go with it as well as water and algae treatments OBO
Brand new! Paid $15, got it home, it s too big for our tank. I lost the receipt.
I upgraded tanks last year and was thinking of keeping two, but just don't have the room for both! I will post more info when I get a chance. It has a working light and there is two filters that are worth over $150/each.
60 gallon Marineland aquarium / fish tank (2 years old fresh water use) and modern black cabinet stand with brushed silver hardware. Tank in excellent condition although I always say as is when it s used. No visible scratches and silicone looks perfect. The picture does not do it justice. Cabinet is essentially in new looking shape, but there is some minor chipping only at the bottom of the cab...
Used for two weeks! Let my $130 mistake be your gain! All included: 10 Gallon Glass Aquarium Good with LED Internal Filter Air pump Gravel Mag-Float cleaner API Quick Start API Gold Fish Pellets Jungle Start Right Gravel Decor (Elephant, Pagoda, Buda with tree, plants.
When we bought them we had hoped we got a male and female but not sure, this is not the fish but almost identical
Comes with rocks, decor, two heaters and lights. Stand not included 48x12 inches 19 inches deep $300 if you want the pump too It s an all natural pump.
Have little crank on the bottom of the tank and someone like fixing it. Need gone is weekend 50 or best offer
We sold off our big tanks due to time and room but would love a small tank. Under 20g please. Let me know what you have.