SPECIAL NEW Telescopic Fishing Rod, Spinning Reel and accessories 1 new Telescopic Fishing Rod 2.4 m (6 segments) 1 new Spinning Reel 1000 (for Left or Right Handed) 200 m Fishing Line (10 Lb) on the reel 1 new Fishing Float Bobber 3 new Hooks 2 new ROLLINGS SWIVELS WITH HOOKED SNAP Copper For more information please call Alex at 450-663-0280
Still sealed Goldfish flakes. Our 5yr old Goldfish passed away and decided to get a different kind of fish. OBO
Holds water Light works Air pump included Comes with 5 cory catfish and a plecos And some decorations 2 gallons
Fish bowl, blue decorative rocks, beta fish food and beta water purifier. Selling as Lot.
10 Gallon fish tank comes with stand decorations fish food cleaner heater automatic fish feeder filter and extra filters.
75 gallon aquarium with custom stand and hood. There is currently a live plant that is anchored into four lava rocks. Aquarium also comes with many decorations and cleaning equipment. Moving must sell.
110 gallon aquarium with stand and all accessories. Comes with everything in photo plus nets and I think some extra filters but NOT with the fish. Tank has been drained.


GUC,10 gallon aquarium tank with lid/ led lights and filter
GUC 10 gallon fish tank. It was used for gold fish. Tank has been cleaned out but the lid needs a bit of a cleaning. Comes with filter and 6 carbon filters, net, cleaning brush, stone bubble aerator, very little of water conditioner and rocks (if you like). Needs new bulbs for light. Asking 60 OBO


100 Gallons fish tank! included everything. gravel, rocks,2 filters and also with the stand!
Great condition. Comes with gravel, air pump, filter, filter media, bag of rocks and decorations. Pickup at Mavis and Eglinton (Heartland Town Centre area). PM me if interested.