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Please message me at if you have a parrot available for free
Currently accepting deposits on African Grey Congo Babies. I anticipate they will be ready for their new homes around the end of July.
Goffin cockatoo and large, newer cage for sale. This bird is very sweet and knows at least one trick. Comes with large, heavy-duty cage which was bought new less than a year ago. This bird eats dry mixed foods, fresh cooked foods, pellets and fresh chop.
Greenwing is a female. Have dna papers. She is very friendly very likeable.
Here we have jojo the African grey parrot she is 8 months old and is an absolute sweetheart this is through no fault of her own, due to a change of circumstances I m having to rehome her. She is an excellent talker says many things I have some videos that I can pass on if wanted. Very friendly once she gets to know you, comes with her cage, food and a variety of toys that she loves. This is a v...
ANIMALENVIRONMENTS Cockatoo Bird Cage powder coated. Original price: $2990 US
Down sizing. Bonded pair of Severe macaws DNA sexed Male & female. Late teens . Cage included
Selling my beautiful African grey. His name is ROCKY. Closed Rung. He's only 1 year old still young enough to learn lots more even though, Rocky knows a lot already. He's very talkative and friendly also he's very naughty. He likes women so yh definitely a women's parrot. He loves fresh fruit and when ur not home and he's hungry he will find and get the food/fruit himself that's how clever he i...
African grey parrots, We have four African grey parrots and they are very lovely. We are force to rehome them as soon as possible. If you are interested, one will go for less than $1000 1000. 6028425433
Umbrella cockatoo, her name is Lovey. I've had her about 12 years. She's friendly as soon as she gets to know you. The reason for selling her is I'm retired and getting ready for traveling. She has a small vocabulary. The $1000 includes her, cage and accessories.
I have a talking pair of Macaw parrots ready to go, they've been well tamed, know how to step up and very talkative. Know how to step up and very friendly and associative birds. call/text x240x x366x x7053xx for any inquiry.
It’s with a heavy heart that I’m having to find a forever home for my baby african grey parrot called Merlin. Due to me starting my new job which doesn’t enable me to give Merlin the time. This beautiful bird have the ability to talk and already has starting making mimicking sounds. He's hand tame but young enough to tame. He's 5 months old. Very striking to look at in excellent feather con...
. large 100% aluminum cage, it will never rust. its 2 feet(25 ) wide X 3 feet (33 1/2 ) long . 1 bar spacing. used for my late African grey. large assortment of toys, extra perches , non-removable play top, custom made cover . $900.00 as it s still fairly new . P.m. for more details
Unfortunately I have to sell my young pair of african greys. Both have some very unique markings. The hen was bred by myself this season and she has a white toe nail. The cock was also bred and purchased this year to pair up with the hen. He has white toes and white toe nails. Great pair of birds, will be very interesting breeding
He is a lovely bird who loves to talk a lot all day and has a very extensive vocabulary. He can make ringtones, phone noises, does coronation street sound, copies you, says everything even naughty words. He is a healthy bird with perfect feathers. He has lived with pets so is fine with everyone. He love fresh fruits. Due to my new job schedule i really done have time for him and will want him t...


Description Eastern Rosellas pair one reg color one cinnamon mix, beautiful Phone Number(visible) 518-432-1522 Listing Number 313176
Meet mango he s 5 months old very tame and friendly in perfect health very active big British breed great talker it s long list of words he say bark as well great with other pets won t let you get bored all day long he s cities registered bird comes big big cage bought him 2 months ago with all his toys perches left over food we can t give him time what he need hence sale only forever loving ho...
Hand-reared African Grey Parrots are available. All our parrots are hand-reared from 3wks old and are cuddly- tame and used to being around small children and busy household. We hand-rear all our baby Greys in small clutches so that each one gets lots of human attention at a very early age to ensure that the parrots are completely tame and easy to handle so they can have a wonderful life with t...
Hand Raised African Grey HEN, 7mnths old.. Beautiful intelligent girl raised in the home. DNA sexed and closed S/S ring. She will fly to you on command and is learning new commands. Great companion bird to a caring home. Diet of Hagens rearing formula,soaked and sprouted seed, pellets, fresh fruit and veg, nuts etc.
Beautiful African grey great loves nothing then being pampered lovely natured. Loves being on shoulder sit and watch tv with you lovely company goes to anyone loves head stroked. men or women but really enjoys women s company more. Great little entertainer dances to music and finger click, coughs burps swears but can be forgotten if not repeated. Big 5ft cage n toys as well as a separate pet tr...
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