Male Derbyan Ringneck Parakeet Huge reward available Lavender chest Long blue tail Black mustache under beak Bright orange beak Loves food. Almonds, Crackers, grapes, pea pods, seeds, cherry Talks a lot. Says Derbyan, hi, hello, feathery, Astoria Oregon, Thank you very much, Rare boy, Apple, banana. His favorite phrase is IM HUNGRY Will come to the word jump
He’s the size of a Cockatiel, is a violet blue color with very long tail feathers. Has a red beak with black on sides of beak. He’s a Indian ringneck parakeet. Makes very loud screeching noises. May respond to Cody and Peekaboo. Last possible sighting in colonial Heights Va. If you see him or have found him please call me ASAP!!! 804-926-3087 nicole