Everything in the photo included, I can give the coffee table it's sitting on as well. Accidentally dropped and broke the water dish. Element works fine but the UVB should be replaced soon. Back drop is styrofoam covered in quikcrete. Dimensions : 48in x 18.5in x 24in
Older footed terrarium w/ glass sides.Set up w/ fairy garden items or use any way you wish. $25. obo. 18" x 17" high
$100 Frog cage that comes with a repti frogger terrarium humidifier. And also 50 medium sized crickets, 50 wax warms and 50 medium meal warms
I am looking to get a baby Ball Python in the near future, and I'll need a temporary Terrarium that will last for a bit until he/she grows larger. A tank with a good lid and in mint condition is what I'm looking for. For now I'm looking and if it's in the $100 range that will be awesome! Thank you!
Light box is in VERY good shape holds UVB 10 and two other lamps. Lightbox alone $30. UVB brand new used for 1 month, store dated it 1-18-19. UVB alone worth $80, offering for $40
Looks really cool in a room or hanging near a window. Can also put string lights inside for a cool effect! Leaving campus this weekend so can't take with me. Price negotiable!
These are the commercial sized jars. They all have lids and the labels are still on (WD40 takes them off). Preference to someone who can take them all. They are great for making terrariums so if you're having a craft party...
Large reptile tank with wire lid. 48" long x 21.5" high x 18" deep. Very heavy. Need 2 strong people to move it. We keep it on a coffee table of similar measurements. You're welcome to take that too if you want. Tank comes with a dual light, accessories for a snake or reptile, and open bags with clean bedding material. I have not cleaned out the bedding since we gave away our snake. The top is ...


A beautiful low maintenance terrarium. Bring the outdoors inside.
Handmade terrarium. Some of the pieces are glued, but most of the rocks and some moss can be moved. Hard to photograph, sorry for the glass glare.
Terrarium with wine corks. Keep the corks for crafting, or just take the terrarium!
Glass & Wood Great for displaying succulants 1 foot tall x 6 in across