Brad new amazon fire sticks jail broken fully loaded wit kodi latest update 17.6 and 5 other apk programs that ACTUALLY WORK...
Brad new amazon fire sticks jail broken fully loaded wit kodi latest update 17.6 and 5 other apk programs that ACTUALLY WORK...
Hello, Thanks for the interest in helping to tutor my daughter.Linda is a 13yr old girl and well behaved,I have made contacts with her concerning the arrangement of the tutoring which she told me is okay by her and I want you to know that i am going to pay for one month,which should be $50.00/hr(which I have in mind) And am planning that you will be teaching her three times a week,which is 1hr ...
I m sending a warning to all my fellow gun enthusiats that stay within the scope of their state laws. Be aware of anyone selling under the name of Cantiller Arnold Munakwa. Add another one to the list: Cantiller.munakwa@gmail.com Priscabright48@gmail.com Was selling a glock 19 gen 5 and AR15 not listed. Scam consists of buying Steam Cards. He asks for you to verify codes and send a screen shot ...
see pic above this guy wants you to buy gift cards before he will meet you number is 239 444 8766 beware
Recently I was contacted by a man in Florida about purchasing my rifle. Gave me a ton of information which all seemed ligit. Sent me a check and my bank put it on hold. Turns out or suspicions were true. Didn't cost me anything but a ton of time and dealing with the bank to get account straightened back out. The man's possible name was Eric Stevens. Just thought I'd throw this out there, to be ...
Anthony is supposedly his name, he is from fwb and has two glocks for sale. A g43 and g17 both fde. Dont waste your time. We had a deal, i drove all the way there and he never showed and stopped answering his phone and text. He is a pos. 850 460 1245 is his number
Duane's number is 605-231-8685 he told me he'd use paypal to pay me and sent me a fake email stating I had to get 200$ worth of iTunes gift cards and send them to the email to pay for shipping costs, I called paypal and found out they never sent the email and that he was scamming me DO NOT TRUST HIM

Scam alert

Scam alert. This boat is posted 3 time with different out of state phone numbers
If you get an email from someone who pretends to be interested in your bike but wants to see a VIN report and suggests bikecheckupvin.com do not fall for his scam. He has no interest in your bike and is just trying to make a few cents off of your ignorance. Unfortunately he has no other way to make a living except to be a parasite on
The ad says 137k miles on but the carfax shows over 200k miles also its an auction truck they claim private seller well its not please be aware this guy sells cars in mendota springvalley as well thank you
IF YOU HAVE SEEN A WARNER SIGHT OR OTHER VALUABLE ITEM BEING SOLD BY "dkkffl pdoffs " at cultluv575 and at gmail it is a scam THEY USE THE NAME DAVID STEVENSON - 18 BETH LANE #3, HAMILTON OHIO 45013 AS THE NAME AND ADDRESS. ARMSLIST HAS "Policies" on this and they decide "not to get involved in transactions" which makes them COMPLICIT AND ACCESSORIES to these scams. I'll bet Armslist is laughin...
If youre in need of cash in hand today..Im a young entrepreneur Im based here in the United States and I offer Help locally or any part of the US if youre a client or member of any ANY Bank or credit union, you may qualify for a cash payout today in order to help you out of your financial situation.. Anywhere from 3,000-10,000 at a low interest rate ... For more details contact me through Text ...
Beware of this Posting They use this picture and say the boat is different sizesI have seen it listed as 17, 18 and 13 and put it at slightly different prices$2000, 2025, 2030 They told me they were training for a military mission and wanted to set up an ebay transaction and then have the boat shipped.......


This truck is a scam. Dont be a fool
These vehicles are exles of scams. The jeeps are really being posted hard. Same with the reddish Murano. Its been posted all over the country for a year now. The way the scam works. They post a great car in excellent condition at a cheap price. Only you get excuses why you cant see it. They want you to send money. If you do you lose the money. Its very common scam. Dont fall for it. Never respo...
the scammers are working hard. The way it works is. They post a great car in excellent condition for a cheap price. But when you contact them they have lots of reason why you cant see the car. You need to wire or bank to bank transfer the money. Or some escrow set up. If you do its lost. You will get nothing in return. NEVER respond to the email in the pic. There for sure scamming. If they wont...
Just so everyone knows, the person selling the bikes for the too good to be true price, they are both scams. I am just posting this because its so annoying and i thought what can i do Oh repost it and let everyone know and then hopefully this douchebag will gtfo. The two bikes shown in the pictures are the pictures from the posts i am talking about.
The 1933 ford roadster coupe being offered for sale is a SCAM. Dont fall for his bullshit. Hes tried this in many states. Its MY car and not for sale. I dont even live close to this area
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