I have a ton of moving boxes of various sizes and about 5 wardrobe boxes and packing paper. Must pick up the same day in Cornelius. No holds and cross posted. Wardrobe boxes are not broken down. Most other boxes are.
Still needing a few more boxes of anyone has any! Can pick up today!
About 6 small/medium sturdy moving boxes. Contact me to let me know when you would like to pick up and I will send you the address.
Will come pick up boxes (especially for books!) or other supplies good for moving.
Priority goes to who can pu first! I have packing paper in the black trash bags too! I want this stuff gone ASAP!!! Cross posted
Uhaul NEW boxes, description in photo, wardrobes includes paid 146 plus tax
I have a bunch of Home Depot moving boxes to give away: 5 small 7 medium 3 large 3 XL 3 wardrobe Several of the M & S boxes are heavy duty. All of them are flattened waiting for you to reanimate with sturdy packing tape. Also, want a box that held a new lawn mower? You can have it too. I m in the Bethany area near Bethany Elementary.
In search of moving boxes from wardrobe boxes to book boxes and in between. Let know what you have! Thanks
First to pu gets priority! I have packing paper in the black trash bags too! I want this stuff gone ASAP!!!
i am a disabled person. need to move in next 1-2 months or so. no way to pick up boxes. limited access to internet( at library). would anyone like to donate some clean boxes? please call: 952-929-4115. thank you.
Small an medium sizes. Most are broken down. Some still taped together. 25 to 30 Brookwood condominiums have some pictures. Let me know. Thank you.
Hi! We're moving mid-July and can use any packing supplies possible, especially boxes. Thanks!