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I'm looking for grow lights to start seeds indoors. Any size lights would be fine. I can pick up in many different areas. Thanks in advance.
A Fluorescent Grow Light that was never used except for a shop light last fall. This is the Amazon link: original post date: 2021-07-22

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Samsung led lm301b grow light 320 watts 3500 K plus some red diodes at 660nm Meanwell driver Very efficient grow lights
Samsung leds lm301b. Grow lights Each is 120w ( there are two boards) 3500K Meanwell drivers Very efficient lights I would like to sell both together as set Price is for both grow light boards
hello, i am looking for some working grow lights to set up for plants as well as propogation. also looking for medium to large ceramic or terracotta pots for large, indoor plants (would love a couple with stands for bigger plants like monstera, money tree, etc. thanks much!
Specification: Efficacy: 2.6 mol/J Power Consumption: 240W+/-5%(2A120VAC/1A240VAC) Input power: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, aluminum housing and thermal sealant power driver ( UL,FCC, CE, RoHS ) Light Dimension(inch): 17.7 (L) x 17.7 (W) X 2.4 (H) Light Net Weight: 8.8 lbs Light Spectrum: 380nm~800nm full spectrum including 450nm/660nm/730nm, best for flowering and fruiting plants Recommended for: Grow...
Grow Light with Stand, Four-Head Indoor LED Grow Light , Full Spectrum Plants Lamp with 3/9/12H Timer, 5-Level Dimmable Plant Lights & Tripod Stand Adjustable Gooseneck 15-47In
Full spectrum LED grow light 2 pcs 12 x12 . See photos for details of front and back
Indoor-quality wooden grow light shelving. 4 shelves, 3 with grow lights under. 57" wide, 54" tall, 14" deep. Holds two 4' flourescent tubes under each of 3 shelves. Will likely require a truck and a couple people to pick it up. In Walpole, by appointment. original post date: 2021-07-11
Worksorks perfectly, low mileage. They sell for over $500. It will light up a 2x4 grow tent no problem while drawing only 184w from the wall. It gets amazing reviews and will outperform larger lights. Very efficient thanks to top drawer components and cutting edge design including lenses that direct the light to your plants and excellent spectrum. Has the dimmer kit added and comes with hangers.
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