Hello, I work for a real estate agency, and a client of ours has a large wooden desk they need taken off their property ASAP. The desk is located at 1323 Century Ave, Redlands. Please contact Freda England at 909-800-5054 if you are interested. Pictures attached.
Very solidly built. Arborite top, 1 file drawer and 5 storage drawers... all working order. Pick up only Heavy. 2 persons needed
Free desk first 1 to come get it.. need gone this evening.. you need help it's yours to move out of my house.. message me for address 9792159841..
4th floor walkup. NO ELEVATOR Please bring two strong men. Ok now thats out the way, I am offering you this nice wooden desk. Its small, roughly 3 feet by 2 feet. Please read that first sentence again. The desk is not heavy, but there are stairs involved. One drawer face is loose, but can be glued on easily. Pickup on 238th in Riverdale
Pick up ASAP please it just needs cleaning the drawer is put the wrong way I think . This is my step moms . I do not have measurements I just took a quick picture
Free to a good home Great quality metal mid century modern office desk. Amazing condition, free if you pick up. Located at 20 N Main Street St George
Missing one drawer. Kids broke it Playing Wrestling. So its free.99 if u want it otherwise its going to be fire wood or props for future Wrestling matches.
Free...1st one to come gets it, no holds. 1 metal twin bed frame just came off my kids bed, yes its safe1 full size metal bed frame just came off my kids bed, yes its safe2 twin box springs 3 twin mattresses. Theyre not pretty, but theyre smoke free and bug free. We do have dogs, so theyre will probably be dog hair on them somewhere. 1 wood desk - homemade. Anything in this picture is free. Gri...