Very furry dark bluishblack reclining couch and black coffee table. Neither are in perfect shape. My cats didnt really claw the couch they just sleep on it a lot. Ive decided to just get rid of couches altogether as we never use them and I just want the couch and coffee table gone asap. The couch is very very furry, I just want you to be aware of that, Im not over exaggerating.. My cats are hea...
Free couch. Dirty needs a good cleaning. Cushion covers come off and can be thrown into washing washer. Must pick up
Free couch on shaker drive in Greensboro NC. First come, first serve. Just delaminating vinyl from cloth backing. Otherwise fine.
Free couch, not old just had it in the kids play room and they started peeling the leather cushion. But it is a cover that unzips so you could easily reupholster it or temporarily cover with a blanket. It is sitting in front of my front door against the wall. Come and get it
A piece of a sectional I have left from our childrens play room. Only a year and a half old. No smoking in home, or inside pets. Very sturdy. It got a little hole in the leather and the kids decided to keep picking at it. Would be easy to re upholster or cover with blanket like I usually do. You would have To carry it out of my front door.
Free olive green colored couch, in decent condition. Its clean, sanitary, and very comfortable. Couple rips, but not visible. Only catch is that you have to be able to remove it from our garden apartment, we are unable to do so ourselves. We are moving, have very few things as is, and want to have one less item to get out.
Some rips to the cushions which are easily hidden. No damage to the frame, armrest or springs. I vacuum cleaned this but there may be residual cat or dog fur dander if you have any kind of allergiesIf not picked up by wednesday this will go out for bulk pick up day
Free dark brown genuine leather sofa. Purchased from Macys about six years ago. Has scratches on the sides from my cats and some on the seat cushions. Please note the feet were removed but are included. Measures 36 deep x 33 high x 85 long.Must pick up in Clinton, CT.
FREE couch in okay condition. It has some scratchesholes but the couch is still very comfortable. You can buy a cover or a throw to cover the holes. In order to take this couch, you need two people to carry it as the owner is unable to assist. Text me if you are interested
Worn and damaged leather couch. I will help you load but you haul. We bought for $1500. If you have the skills to repair it its all yours.
Perfectly good couch, in great condition, moving and don't have room for it.
Hi we are moving and cant take with much of the stuff we have. This stuff sat in a guest area and was never used. The couch is in good shape and clean. No smoking, pets, or kids. Comes with the rug and coffee table. The coffee table isnt perfect. Has some scratches on top. If you have any questions or are interested please call text or email me at . $50