5 bd / 3 bath roomie wanted

Me and my brother bought a house. But it's huge. And empty. We're looking for someone who would want to rent a room. Hopefully you're someone cool who would actually hang out outside your room and watch movies, chill. Essentially you're renting a room, but you have free reign/access to the entire house. (I have to add that cuz once I rented from someone and always got dirty looks if I was outside of my room). So I'm 22, my brother is 25. We're both dudes but no worries we take pride in what we own we're not messy. Hoping you're the same. To get a good feel of the room you'd be renting, you'd have your own bathroom nobody else would be using, and the rooms themselves you get to choose from are literally 1 foot smaller than the master bedroom.
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