FREE Computer/Electronics Recycling

FREE Computer/Electronics Recycling 619 944 6783 Our motto we accept anything with a Plug! I offer free electronics pickup! Tvs, monitors, computers, keyboards, printers, modems, floor copiers, cell phones, stereos vacuum cleaners, fans and much more.. You can call and schedule a pickup or you can drop your electronics off at at two of our drop off locations. 619.609.8618 Televisions, TVs’, broken TVs, monitors, computers, e waste, electronic waste, electronics recycling, free, cables, servers, dlp , lcd, big screen, crt, tube TV, led, flat screen, computer monitors, recycle, electronics, phones, cell phones, printers, hard drives, pcs, Mac, dell, asus, scrap metal, appliances, stereos, batteries, cell phone batteries, mouses, laptops, lamps, wires, copiers, scrap electronics, apple computers, home computers, office equipment, cable boxes, digital, electronics, drives, hp
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