European Style Living Room Single Sofa

Materials: PU frame, reinforcing steel bar + American imported crust (cattle hide) + pure sponge+ independent spring seat bag Main materials: American imported crust (cattle hide), PU frame, reinforcing steel bar Sub-materials: pure sponge + independent spring seat bag Accessories: ordinary hardware length: 1.14m width: 0.99m height: 1.09m Dimensions: 1140*990*1090mm How to maintain: Avoid the direct sunlight. Furniture should be far away from the liquid with a chemical corrosion. Clean it periodically and keep the room in good ventilation conditions. Friendly tips: The product is taken in kind. Because different photography skills, lighting, display parameters and other issues, there may be certain kind of differences in the color between the pictures and the products. Please subject to the real object. details at http://www.melodyhome.com/category/sofas/goods-31596.html
Updated 24-Feb-2014