It's your time to shine and get the recognition you deserve! Bikini competition in Chico

SIERRA NEVADA CLASSIC WILL BRING YOU NEW OPPORTUNITIES IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY. You do NOT have to look like the Pro-level Bikini models that you see all over Instagram in order to do well at the Sierra Nevada Classic! If you already have a fit body you're perfect for Bikini class, if you developed more tonality, then Figure is the best division for you - all you need to do is learn a few poses and you'll have great pictures, great content, and a tremendous boost to your social media and your brand! It’s time to become female fitness models in Chico! Don't let not knowing how to pose be an excuse. Our website has easy to follow video tutorials for you to practice. You got your hair and nails done, your tan is glowing, and your posing is on point. Now you're ready to step on stage! Remember, you won't win if you don't try. So, the question is not "will this work for me?" The real question is: "ARE YOU READY to take the next step?" Now all you Join us August 18th at the CSU Chico BMU Auditorium To know in detail, visit:
Updated 11-Sep-2018