Affordable Health Benefits

Start SAVING as a Family TODAY! Receive up to 85% off on any of the following HealthCare services: Medical Specialists Primary Care Physicians Hospital Advocacy Program Dental Orthodontic Care (Braces & Dentures) Dentistry Vision Lasik Surgery Prescription -- Rx Advocacy Program Available Home Delivery Pharmacy Program Diabetic Supplies Chiropractic Benefits Podiatry Audiology (evaluation, hearing aids, etc) Radiology Cosmetic Surgery Life Line Screening Telemedicine- 24/7 access to a Dr. via phone or email Ancillary Service: Adult Care Facility, Dialysis Center, Family Planning Holistic Practitioners, Home Health Care, Hospice, Mammography, Physical Therapists, Substance Abuse Center Medical Benefit Plans starting at $49.95/mo & covers your ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD!! To receive more detailed information visit:
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