EARLY FALL SALE- Nice brooder houses up to 24 chicks

We have used the same design for our own chicks for many years. (We put ours on an old table inside our house.) Each time we open that little front door (which looks like a rising sun), we can easily check up on how they're doing, up close, and appreciate the fuzzy little baby chicks or ducklings as they grow. An easy-to-clean tray for droppings (plastic wave board) is included. Here's a 3 minute video about our brand new brooder. (The brooder in the video is one we used. we make new ones for sale) Just click the line below to watch:(or Copy the link and paste it into the address bar at the top of the browser, then hit enter) , call me if you have any questions. Thanks! http://www.ranch-coop.com/brooders.html
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