Santa Get’s It On With Tornadoes (Oklahoma Style).

Santa, Elves, and the Gentleman . Series #6. Santa Get’s It On With Tornadoes “(Oklahoma Style)” Author: Richard Lofgren Something big gonna go down this year. Santa thinks something about this “summer” different than any other summer, cant put a finger on it have to see how it unfolds. Mrs. Claus goes outside sits next to Santa, puts his arm around her both have their “eyes” fixed on the (Northern Lights)putting on a SHOW, such a beautiful night wonder what’s gonna happen this year? . Mrs. Claus asks Santa if he heard about the Tornado that hit the Southwest Coast, Santa says that’s not cool such a Beautiful Place been bringing Joy on Christmas Eve there many times. Santa gets his thinking cap on tries to figure out how he can help, but right now the fresh air must be making him kind of sleepy, Santa goes to his room to get some rest but the bad news makes it tough to sleep, tries thinking how he can help in his own Santa way that’s never been tried before. “WOW” I’ll take Rudolph on a summer journey not leave a FOOTPRINT that Santa was was even there. With only ”ONE” night to help Santa says will work together getting done as much as possible. Santa wants to show sometime “good things” can happen! when things go really bad, it can bring out the best in people even Santa Claus. Santa’s got a plan figured out he’ll come in with (Rudolph late at Night), haul back what we can use having the Gentleman figure out a way to make to our “SPECIAL Gifts!” Santa wakes up feeling “GREAT” the Plan is set, First: we’ll hook up the trailers to the Sleigh. Second: will have to bring enough Elves to help load up. Santa says “We Got This”. Monday night’s here time to (ROCK and ROLL). Elves tell Santa all the trailers are hooked up, Santa getting “butterflies” he’s never taken off in the “SUMMER” before, he plans to guide Rudolph into the hardest hit areas of Tornado help with the clean-up, and recycling what they can. Elves start filling the trailers with what they can use, It’sy Elf yells to Santa all the trailers are “FULL”, he tells Rudolph everything they came to do, They Did, Let’s Go Home. On the way back they reflect on the good things they did in the short amount of time they had. “Proud of themselves” they can’t wait to get back to the North Pole start putting their hard work of to use. Santa said how Great this trip worked out! We’d sure do it again, “FEELING PRETTY FULL OF THEMSELVES IN A GOOD WAY”, Santa said taking off in the Summer “never” happened before. With a couple of weeks rest Santa, Elves, and the Gentleman have a meeting on what they’ll make this year, seems like the Gentleman always has such “COOL IDEAS” who would’ve thought we could make our Christmas Presents from a “NATURAL DISASTER” We have all the wood needed to make our (SPECIAL GIFTS) this year time for Santa to get this year started and pick some (Team Leaders), standing high above everybody Santa’s looking around see’s “HOOTY TOOTY ELF”, you’ll be the leader of the Birdbath Line, Hooty’s been in a kinda “down and out mood” lately will see if making him a Line Leader helps him out. After Hooty; Santa sees “ELVIS ELF”; you’ll be the leader of the Birdhouse Line, Elvis always had a thing for challenge and he’s a heck of a “GOOD SINGER”. Santa needs one more Team Leader he spot’s “IT’SY ELF; you’ll be the Leader of Rustic Table Line, It’sy loves being a Elf and helping wherever he can, but first the weekend starts now. Santa and Mrs. Claus have the Elves over Saturday for refreshments. Lounging around for awhile Mrs. Claus brings out her favorite “Homemade Cookies” made especially for the Elves, Santa then waiting patiently to get up and share his story about the time Miss. Anderson wanted Santa to pick-up some Milk and Cookies, so he had something to eat and drink while dropping off her gifts. Santa told Rudolph to go to the nearest gas station we have to get some Milk and Cookies, Santa casually walks in says HO,HO, HO, Merry Christmas, the boy at the counter said I’ve been a “good boy” this year, Santa “winks at him” saying (I Know Bobby) and left. Santa’s on a roll shares another story about dropping off gifts at Timmy’s house, the little guy came out from his bedroom watched Santa the presents under the tree, Hi Santa, my name is Timmy will you please help me open my Gifts, I’m having trouble with my hands, Santa says ok Timmy, Santa opens the first present “WOW” Timmy you got a real cool (Train Set), Santa opens the next present says it’s a Bird House with your name written on the front, he sees Timmy yawning, go back to bed they’ll be more presents to open in the morning. Enough stories for the night will see you on Monday morning, the weekend’s fly by so quickly; Elves come into work early all ready to ready to “ROCK and ROLL”. Hooty and Santa watch the Elves put together the Birdbaths thinking how much the birds are gonna like (Playing and Drinking) from them Santa shouts!!! I like them, they’re coming out “Great” Hooty and Santa give the THUMBS UP Elves work so hard this week when the weekend rolls around Santa loves having the Elves come over, Santa says “Party at My House”. Mrs. Claus will have plenty of snacks and refreshments. After awhile everybody has had their fair share of “Food and Drink”, now it’s time the Elves been waiting for. Have Santa start telling some of his favorite “stories”. Santa gets the ball rolling when he shares a story about the time Vixen wanted to go down the chimney with Santa, Miss. Johnson leaves Santa a note if he would be a dear please put the “STAR” on top of the Christmas Tree, Santa looked around for a ladder but couldn’t find one, Vixen dropped down to his knees Santa stood on top of him, Vixen lifted Santa high enough to put on the “STAR”, after that they shared Santa’s “Milk and Cookies”. Another story that comes to mind Santa dropping off presents at the Olsen’s house, he went to get his “Milk and Cookies” there were none put out” Santa got on his Cell Phone called the Olsen’s, Santa said we got a problem here, you forgot to put out my “Milk and Cookies”. Time goes by so fast when your having fun, will meet on Monday morning at 8:00 start on the “Rustic Tables”. Santa gets out his Bullhorn for all to hear. Table after Table coming off the Line, Santa and It’sy Elf loving them give the THUMBS UP Elves do what the Elves do best, work hard all week, “play hard on the weekends. Iffy says you’ll all invited over for a Big Bonfire and will tell some stories. . Mrs. Claus and Santa will be busy this weekend, everyone files over to Iffy’s for the Big Bonfire. He’s got all the wood ready to go who wants to light it up, “Archy Elf” jumps in, let me get it started, the fire gets going High and Mighty perfect for making the (S’mores). Iffy Elf gets to put the “CHEF’S HAT ON” for the night, (S’mores) are coming off as fast as there going on, Iffy looks around see if there anymore takers it comes to a screeching halt, but the best is yet to come. Hooty Tooty gets the ball rolling when he remembers Santa and Rudolph were on there way delivering Gifts, Rudolph says gosh darn-it I forgot the GPS, Santa said I guess will have to it the “OLD FASHION WAY”, Santa and Rudolph didn’t miss Anybody. Etchy Elf tells a story about Santa going down a chimney just starting to put presents under the tree when his cell phone rings, it was Mrs. Claus wondering if Santa would be a sweetheart and get some “EGGS” on the way home? Santa says I’m kinda busy right now, but tells Rudolph to stop at a nearby gas station, Santa walks in (Jaws Drop) Santa says HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas do you have any Fresh Eggs? over there SANTA, he walks up to pay the cashier she tells Santa. (I’ve been a good girl). “Santa winks” and says I know Suzie. Well those were some good stories tonight Santa says it’s getting late will have to call it a night, it’s Elvis Elfs turn to start up Monday Morning Monday comes in like a lion. Santa looking all RESTED having the weekend off gets on his Bullhorn, tells the Elves how to make them, House after House coming out Great, Santa and Elvis Give the THUMBS UP It’s time to have some fun, Elvis grabs Santa’s Bullhorn starts belching out a song, Santa says I know that one start’s singing “Here Comes Santa Claus “Hear Comes Santa Claus” with Elvis Elf. Santa wants everyone to come over for a Jolly Good Time, Mrs Claus will have all the snacks and refreshments, Santa can’t wait to share his sto this one ☝️ Christmas Eve Rudolph and the rest of the Reindeer were lined up ready to go, Santa counted the Reindeer but there was one to many “Mickey the Mule” tried to fit in, Santa laughs says Mickey your not a Reindeer your s Mule, taking Mickey back to Santaland. Santa’s got one more story to share Rudolph’s RED NOSE quit working, but his “rear end” was able to whistle (Wish You A Merry Christmas). Everyone had fun with that one. Thanks for another Great Year. The Author: Richard Lofgren Creator and Gentleman: Richard Lofgren. Picker/Upper Publishing Donation’s are welcomed and appreciated everything from the pictures to the product to the story are one a kind. Richard Lofgren Cherrywood 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 Cash Only thank you Need more donations to put out series 1-5 number series 6 is free thanks.
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