Omega Locksmith

Omega locksmith is a locksmith in Chicago that is quickly developing in to one of the most trusted names in the industry. Our staff works hard to get to the customers as soon as possible, no matter the time of day. When you have an emergency and need a new key or need a lock installed, it can be incredibly tedious to wait for help. We strive to eliminate as much of that stress as possible by showing up quickly, getting the job done right the first time and only charging what is fair for the work that has been done. We work to keep your personal information private so you do not need to worry about your security or that of your family after you have changed your locks. When you think about the best locksmith Chicago has to offer, we want you to think of us. Whether you need to add a lock to your file cabinet, have someone let you into your house after you forget your keys, create a new key for your motorcycle or any other locksmithing task, we will be there for you. Our emergency helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your convenience. Many other companies add inflated or hidden charges to their bills. We stick to the market value for tools and services so you can easily afford the products we offer. If you need locksmith work done, call today for a consultation so we can get started helping you with your security needs. Omega Locksmith is a trusted locksmith service operating in Chicago.
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