Before you can hope to start building your company's online reputation, you first need to know what your current reputation is -- you need to assess the situation. How do you do that? While that in itself might seem like an overwhelming task, it doesn't have to be. It's not a matter of going from website to website, on random searches and entering hit-or-miss keywords. When you first start assessing your online reputation, treat the process as though you're a potential customer looking for information about your company or your product. Using multiple search engines, search for your company's name and see what comes up. Try different search terms, adding your location or your name and product side by side, with and without quotes. Then, simply see what comes up and read the results. The impression you're left with is the same one potential and current customers will be left with after just a few minutes of searching for you. Searching for your company or product name is just the first step in assessing your online reputation, which is the first step in building and maintaining your online reputation. To find out other ways you can analyze your company's online reputation and to start building on it from there, call us today. We've helped many small businesses just like yours build their online reputations, and we can help you too -- from the point of analyzing what it is today, to helping you protect it in the future! Go to www.cherryhillreputationmanagement.com now for a FREE Report! Our purpose is to help you protect your most valued business asset -Your Business Reputation! In addition to this Free Report (regular price $19.95), we are also offering a Free Consultation. There is no obligation whatsoever so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.. Here is a video to help you be aware of the importance of Reputation Management. Just click on this link to view it or copy and paste it into your browser. http://youtu.be/vqHlKYTSZZw Hope you're having a good day! Jan Wayne Turner/Internet Marketing Consultant Better Marketing Solutions 4U LLC Woodbury NJ 08096 Office: 856-812-0293 Email: reputationmanagementexpert4u@gmail.com
Updated 10-Jan-2012
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