Home Needed for 2 Cats ASAP

Home Needed for 2 Cats ASAP - 1 week until I move! I am moving in a week and need to find these darling cats a home ASAP. Please - if you know of someone who would adore these cats and care for them, have them email. kari_rigdon@yahoo.com These two adorable, loving cuddle-bug cats need a great home. Have had both cats since they were born. Love kids (not little ones, they love older kids mostly), and need a home where they will be petted and cuddled often. These two adult cats are 7 years old, both are neutered and have all of their shots. One cat needs a steroid shot approximately 4 - 8 times a year. It runs me $8 a shot, so it's not expensive. They are completely housetrained, and eat dry cat food only. They are indoor only cats who will not survive long outside. They want nothing more than to be held and cuddled. They will sleep on your legs while you watch TV and will sleep on you when you sleep. They come with (if wanted) a 6' cat stand, cat box, half gallon water bowl, and same size food bowl.
Updated 15-Aug-2013
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