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QualiCare Maids offers home cleaning services at very affordable prices, residential cleaning services and move out cleaning services we offer start at only $75.00 for a complete home cleaning. (Based on square footage and home condition) You're intelligent enough to know that your home is your largest single investment and where you spend most of your leisure time away from work. What would be the best way for us to prove that the Qualicare Maids “Total Cleaning Home Program” really is one of the best home cleaning programs offered by any home cleaning service or maid cleaning service in the Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC area? That’s what we will do for you to prove to you that you made a wise decision in choosing QualiCare Maids to maintain the cleaning of your home. As you think about using QualiCare Maids, you suddenly realize, you have nothing to lose with our very popular “Total Home Cleaning Program” because you will be inspecting your home after the cleaning is complete with a QualiCare supervisor for quality assurance. Are you beginning to see how QualiCare Maids can be of great assistance to you in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your home if you have pets that shed hair, if you are a busy professional, if you do not have time for cleaning choirs, if your furniture, walls, light fixtures, baseboards, and blinds are collecting dust, if you would rather leave housekeeping choirs to a professional and enjoy your leisure time, or if you have a refrigerator or oven that you have not been cleaned in awhile? Wouldn't it be amazing if you had more leisure time to enjoy your life and come home to a house that has already been cleaned for you after working so hard on your job? As you strongly consider using QualiCare Maids, you picture how much cleaner your home will be and how much time and money you will save by referring two friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members and receiving your half price home cleaning every time you refer two people. * Our maid service customer referral program allows both new and existing customers a free home cleaning by referring (4) friends, neighbors, Co-workers, or family members or (2) businesses or the company you work for to try QualiCare Maids “Total Cleaning Program,” * Receive one half price home cleaning or office cleaning for referring (2) friends, neighbors, family members, or co-workers. * Sign up for (12) bi-weekly cleanings and get the 13th cleaning free. * Buy (3) or more home cleaning gift certificates for friends or family and receive one free home cleaning for yourself. I'm sure that by now you can see that you won't find these half price and free home cleaning referral benefits offered by any other home cleaning service or maid service in the Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC area. Just imagine days from now using QualiCare Maids and feeling happy about coming home to a clean home that you did not have to spend hours cleaning, allowing you to have more leisure time to enjoy, because you are now letting QualiCare maintain the cleaning and beauty of your home on a regular basis. You really don't need to decide now to use QualiCare Maids, but please read some of the testimonials at this link before you go: http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/QualiCare.Commercial.Cleaning.704-625-2330 You do want to at least try the QualiCare Maids “Total Home Cleaning” Don’t you? to see why over 2100 satisfied customers rate Qualicare maids a perfect 10 over mom and pop home cleaning services, Craigslist uninsured and unlicensed cleaning services, and many franchise maid services in the Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC area. By the time you finish reading this page, you'll will feel that QualiCare Maids is perfect for your home cleaning choirs, home organizing and clutter organization tasks, closet and garage organization, move in cleaning, move out cleaning,...
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