GET A DIRTY HOME DEEP CLEANING FOR DIRT CHEAP QualiCare Maids is a professional U.S. Veteran Owned Cleaning Company that provides healthy home cleaning services to assist busy professionals, procrastinators, and people that hate doing cleaning chores. Has dust bunnies, dusty air intake vents, dusty ceiling fans, pet hair, clutter, built up tub scum or shower scum taken control of your home or apartment and you’re just to busy do these dirty cleaning chores? Is your home or apartment dirty from you neglecting dirty cleaning chores because you’re a busy professional or a person that has become overwhelmed with dirty cleaning chores that need to be done in your home or apartment? Has closet clutter, bedroom clutter, home clutter, or garage clutter begun to claim much of the free space that you use to enjoy? If one of these questions have you saying YES it’s time to get my home or apartment back up to par, please feel to contact QualiCare Maids at 704-218-9645 to assist you in getting your home or apartment back up to par so that you can begin to enjoy the beauty of your clean and healthy home or apartment again. 6 BENEFITS OF HAVING A CLEAN HOME OR APARTMENT: A clean home or apartment can help relieve and prevent unnecessary stress. A clean home or apartment makes maneuvering and finding things much easier. A clean home or apartment also eliminates the chances of getting allergies, asthma, or sickness by germs, mold, or bacteria. A clean home or apartment improve happiness and even improve your eating and exercise habits. A clean home or apartment makes you more likely to invite people into it. A clean home or apartment is inviting, peaceful, calming, warm, welcoming, and relaxing. Isn’t it time to get your home or apartment cleaned, so that you can start to live a healthier less stressful life? Dirty deep cleaning or clutter organizing start at only $40.00 and up per hour with a three hour minimum, all hourly prices will be based on condition of home or apartment and heated square footage to be cleaned. We receive calls daily from many people just like you who seek out our professional cleaning services to help with their house cleaning or organizing and we can help you get your home back in order by leaving the dirty work to us, because you have more important things to do than worry about the upkeep of your home don’t you? QualiCare Maids provides excellent cleaning services that are always backed by real home cleaning photos in our ads and on our web site this is the reason that we never have to hard sell new customers on our cleaning services and this is also the reason that we have so many happy customers that trust our work for home cleaning and clutter organizing. You can either email us for a free estimate or call 704-218-9645 or visit us online for a free cleaning estimate at: https://qualicaremaids.wixsite.com/qualicare A U.S. VETERAN OWNED COMPANY SINCE 2006
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