Clutter Causes Depression & Allergies-Our Home Organizing Heals

JUST SAY NO TO CLUTTER GET YOUR HOME ORGANIZED NOW! Clutter causes depression and allergies Try our healthy home organizing that heals Did you know that clutter and unorganized messy areas in your home or apartment could be a danger to your health? QualiCare Maids is a professional U.S. Veteran Owned Cleaning Company that has been providing affordable healthy home cleaning and clutter organization services since 2006. THE DANGERS OF HOME CLUTTER: 1) A cluttered home increases the risk of injury due to falls, and accidental falls account for 33 percent of all home injury deaths in the United States. 2) Cluttered homes tend to contain higher levels of dust, germs, mold, and bacteria, which is a major cause of respiratory complications such as asthma, or sickness by germs. 3) Messy homes and cluttered homes harbor dust mites more often than clean homes, and rodents, cockroaches, insects, and other pests love clutter. 4) Extreme cases of house clutter – referred to as "hoarding" – is often a symptom of a bigger health problem, such as depression, emotional trauma, attention deficit disorder, or mental illness. Isn’t it time to get your home or apartment cleaned, organized, and easy to manage, so that you can start to enjoy a healthier less stressful life? Has clutter, dust bunnies, dusty air intake vents, dusty ceiling fans, pet hair, clutter, built up tub scum or shower scum taken control of your home or apartment and you’re just to busy do these dirty cleaning chores? Is your home or apartment unmanageable because you’re a busy professional or a person that has become overwhelmed with cleaning chores that need to be done in your home or apartment? Has closet clutter, bedroom clutter, home clutter, or garage clutter become unmanageable and affecting you physically or mentally? If you answered YES to one of the above questions, you are not alone, we receive calls daily from many people just like you who have decided to SAY NO TO CLUTTER and YES TO GETTING CLUTTER ORGANIZED by seeking out our professional cleaning and organizing services to help with their home cleaning or home organizing, and we can help you get your home or apartment back in order by organizing the clutter in your home, cleaning your home, and making your home easier to manage, because you have more important things to do than worry about the dangers of clutter and a messy home don’t you? At QualiCare Maids we never have to hard sell you on the quality of our total home cleaning and clutter organization services, because our real cleaning photos and clutter organizing photos speak for themselves and sell many customers before they even contact us. QualiCare Maids is only a call away at 704-218-8645 or you can visit our web site to view photos of our work and fill out a free home cleaning estimate form at: QualiCare Maids Specialize In: Total home deep cleaning and office cleaning, last minute move out cleaning, move in cleaning, last minute home cleaning, apartment and home move turn cleaning, home organizing, office organizing, clutter organization, remodeling cleaning, commercial and residential renovation cleaning bed and breakfast inn cleaning, vacation rental cleaning, commercial cleaning services, off campus college apartment cleaning, restaurant kitchen cleaning services, window washing services, bi-weekly or monthly maid cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning services A U.S. VETERAN OWNED COMPANY SINCE 2006
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