9-year-old Nargansette hen who I spent hundreds $$$ at the veterinarian for multiple surgeries.
Three white Sebastapols, 2 female & 1 very senior special needs male; 2 Sebastapol / buff Saddleback Pomeranian sisters, and pair of very senior Toulouse (ages of geese range from 8-fifteen years). The female Toulouse was undergoing a $700 surgery at the veterinarian the day of my accident.
6-year-old mottled black tom, a total flirt with humans, but not compatible with other male turkeys. He came to me badly battered and unable to walk. He coward in a corner for several months, but his physical and emotional scars finally healed (though he still exhibits a significant limp) and he became a total flirt. He's good with youngsters and babies. Requires Rx for his arthritis.
4 Mottled Black turkey hens, two seniors, 2 younger adults, two of which each had two poults (3 black, one white)
Very friendly Khaki Campbell hen that would come when called and leap into the air to eat from my hands. Had just spent hundreds of $ on her at the veterinarian.
Rachel --brown & white, Kermit brown Muscovy mixture; Hatched the day my father died, have been with me 12yrs Rachel suffers severe arthritis & requires Rx *** These 2 are inseparable
10-year-old silver crested Cayuga, blind in 1 eye, suffers severe arthritis & requires Rx, extremely frail & vulnerable so must be protected and segregated from the males
Two Sweetgrass turkey hens, 1 younger full grown, 1 senior fullgrown
Pair of crested Rouens, blind, plus Swedish blue drake and Rouen hen w/blind side - can go w/ lavender trio
Trio of Pekins, one male, 2 female; the drake (Claude) suffered from severe bumblefoot and required Rx.
Cayuga drake paired w/ 2 Indian Runner hens (one of which is special needs on account of a back injury).
Exquisite calico colored tom, gets along w/Ziggey but not Trevor
Show worthy quality Call duck, very senior 12-year-old, blind, has received cataract surgery; inseparably bonded to Calls Lenny, Squiggy & Fuzz Man
Pekin hen I rescued as a baby, bonded to Reason, a Pekin / Runner drake
Flock of twelve ducks: 1 Buff drake, two Khaki Campbell hen, three Cayuga mixture hens, one speckled Cayuga hen,1 Magpie hen & four juveniles.
9-year-old Royal Palm tom, my best buddy, suffers from arthritis from a broken toe so requires Rx
White w/black speckled 9-year-old Indian runner, bonded to Domino & Monet
5-year-old Royal Palm hen
9-year-old Magpie drake, bonded to Dottie & Monet, suffers from arthritis
black crested Swedish duck, bonded to Domino & Dottie
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