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People are often skeptical of free stuff. Companies give these out in order to promote new or existing products and get them into the hands of customers just like you and I so that we can try them out before we buy them. If You Want to Get FREE Samples From Your Favorite Brands, You Have to Check this Offers out TODAY! http://www.unitedpetscharity.com/services
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Most applicants will qualify for the Lifeline program if they participate in any of the following government benefit programs: Are you? Low Income Unemployed On Medicaid On Food Stamps 20 million financially-strapped Americans now have a free cell phone and minutes, thanks to this important federal program.Must be Eligible to Enroll in Government Benefit Programs www.safelinkwireless.com/Enroll...
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Free Wood - You Load and Haul
I have one full roll and one partial roll and then a kitchens worth of already cut shelf liner. I figure shelves are somewhat similar sizes in different kitchens, so probably could work somewhere else. Non-adhesive, just lays on the shelf never had a problem with it curling. We had to pull it when we moved out or get charged for cleaning it up. Dont need it in our new place. Some of what had be...
Theyre recliners and theyre free
Two mattresses headboard desk small charcoal grill
Have some big pieces of willow tree wood if anyone is interested. The wood good for fire pit, wood burning stove ect. Also have the big piece that needs cut up.Jay
Used Samsung Front Loader Washer for repair or scrap. Runs fine,drains, but spin cycle needs some TLC. You haul it.
Free to anyone who can pick it up.
Free brick on curb. First come, first serve.
Free church pews. Located in front of UniPlace Christian Church at 403 S. Wright Street in front of church steps. No delivery. Four are there. Take one or all until they are gone.
Free couch. Its sitting on the curb. Come take it.
Decent couch, out on curb. Cream colored with navy pillows.
Come grab anything you want for free There is a queen sized mattress, a desk, two chairs, two pillows, a bag full of clothes hangers, a bag of tupperware, a standing l, a blow dryer, a flat iron, a wallet, two perfumes, and some boxes.
Free double mattress and box spring, just moved out and left them leaning against the dumpster at 402 S Race street near Lincoln Square Mall parking lot. In great condition
Were moving and getting rid of stuff, i.e.Two desksSolid wood desk sturdy and heavy, natural finish, with two roll out shelves for keyboards, and a cabinet with three small drawers.48 x 24 x 34 length x width x heightWriting desk with three drawers.54 x 27 x 30 Bookshelf Dark particleboard not heavy24.5 x 9.5 x 77BedsOne twin-sized mattress, box spring, and frame. Two full-sized mattress and on...
Free entertainment center but you have to come pick it up Its big and heavy and has some extra shelves that come with it. I got it for free and we used it to hold art supplies but its meant to hold media. Its about six feet tall, slightly less than six feet wide.
Someone was nice enough to place a chair and couch on the side of my building I dont want it do you If so come on out and grab it
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