Hydroponic (aereoponic) equipment for sale

(NIB) Jetgro aereoponic (type of hyroponi system-fastest availible) 48 4" net pot plant system with upgrade 40gal resevor and pump. (NIB) Digital pH tester with calibration chemicals (NIB) CO2 generator that runs on propane. (NIB) 2 Ozone generators (cover up unwanted smells). (Slightly used) 60 site hydroponic (aereoponic) clone machine. (New) unused large role of mylar to cover all walls and reflect light so as little as possible is lost and you get most of your wattage on those plants. This is an excellent deal for anyone looking to get into hydroponic growing of ANY type of plant. The only thing left that is needed is lighting. I know this because I had another system identical to this one that I gave to a friend. This will cut grow times in half and double yields compared to soil/soiless and increase yields/cut time by 20-30% compared to traditional hydro system such as ebb&flow etc. Bought al this a couple years ago when I was planning to double an operations out put. However, circumstances in my life changed and I am no longer a grower of botanical products. I am looking to move all this for much less than I paid or it would be availible for purchase in order to fund my new hobby. All instruction manuals are included. This system is for serious gardeners who want commercial grade outputs. This method is the fastest/best but you will need to know what you are doing or at least be capable of doing some reading to educate yourself. It is like going from driving a volkswagon jetta to a formula one racer so everything happens much quicker & needs to be kept on top of. So there's my disclaimer. Also willing to accept trades for cool tactical firearms (semi or bolt) & reloading equipment/ powder. Other trades may be considered so it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm friendly enough and don'bite.All serious offers will be entertained. Email: dplogan@gmail.com or call/text 717-387-0297 if interested. I am in South central Pa between Cambersburg and Hagerstown. If you are interested AND planning to make offer/buy I will be willing to meet you if I don't have to drive more than 20 miles or so and show you what l got. PLEASE DON'T ask me to do or trade for anything illegal. No offense but I have sold traded things before & you would not believe what some people request. With current climate I am not willing to lose my rights (2nd ammendment especially). Thanks again for looking & hit me up with any questions you may have or details you may desire.
Updated 16-Jan-2013

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