This is a pre-owned guitar. It has not been modified. Its fully original. Its a discontinued model. It fully functions as intended. Produced between 2012-2014.Fender Kurt Cobain MustangIncludes tremolo barMade in JapanGig bag includedHard-shell case not included
Inputs One - 14Channels OnePower Handling 40 WattsFront Panel BlackOutput Impedance 8 OhmsAmplifier Depth 8.7 22 cmAmplifier Width 18.25 46.4 cmAmplifier Height 17.25 43.8 cmAmplifier Weight 24 lbs. 10.9 kgSpeaker One - 12 Fender Special DesignSeventeen high-quality Fender and other models including five new ones, such as 57 Twin and 60s Thrift 24 onboard presets unlimited storage with computer...
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Remote mirror,fender extension,emblem and a few other pieces. Also have excellent steering box,AM radio and antenna for the 73,not included as part of this sale