For sale 1960s survival supplies 17 and a 1/2 gallon water container in really good shape. It is 23 in tall and 16 in across. $35
For sale a old lawn mower. It is a front deck mower and the deck is made out of wood. The whole mower looks like it might be homemade the handles are made out of pipe threaded together. The engine is a old Ward's gasoline engine, it does turn over but I haven't tried to start it. $60
For sale a old metal cabinet with one shelf. It is 13 x 27 and 23 in tall. It does have one wood shelf and wood top and the handles fold down when not in use. $40
For sale a old wooden crate that says cockshutt farm equipment limited Brantford Canada. It is 37 by 23 and 12 in tall. $25
For sale in vintage gravity-fed paper roller from an old grocery store. It has aluminum sides and is in nice shape. It is 19 by 21 and 12 in tall and holds an 18 inch roll of paper or you can put paper towels in it. $75
For sale a old tall dresser with 5 drawers and one door with a mirror. The spot on the top is just a reflection from the mirror. It is 34 by 19 and 50 in tall. The mirror is 24 in tall itself. $130
1960's Rambler Dollar Token. 1 1/2 inches in diameter.Please do not text me.
For sale a vintage Alcazar 4 burner stove. It is about the size of an apartment size stove.$150 or best offer.
For sale a vintage Perfection heater turned into a light, would make a neat night light or put in a red or green bulb for Christmas decoration. Is 25 in tall in about 11 in across. $60
For sale 35 Old plastic fertilizer bags with Phillips 66 on them most of them are in pretty good shape. $75 for all
For sale Terry Labonte racing semi that is a phone in an original box. $20
For sale a old vintage horse windmill weight that does have the tail broken off and a crack on the base. It is 16 in tall to the top of the head and the base is 12 in. $275
For sale a 1950s Eskimo metal cooler with tray it does have a few little scratches. It is 12x14 and 15 in tall. $90
For sale a nice old wooden drop leaf table. It is 30 x 23 folded up and with the sides up is 54 in Long. $45
For sale a old pie cabinet that is in pretty good shape just missing the bottom doors. It is 37x17 and 71 in tall. $90
We have an antique cutting shear for sale. Dirty but does run and will cut a full ream of paper in half. Probably needs some grease and TLC if you actually wanted to use it for its intended purpose. Great collectible!!
Vintage school desk has been restored, very beautiful wood.
Vintage Columbia Kilosphere Record Player & Speaker Cabinet, working but needs a new needle.
For sale hey Hostess Wonder Bread football that was only given to the dealers for the top salespeople. New like condition with a wonder bread picture also. $40 for both