Sliding Screen Doors, New- need screened Screens, New - various sizes Windows Framed, Double Paned Vinyl 2- 23-1/2"× 65-1/2” French Doors - $300 (used, $300) Louvered Double Paned 70" Picture Window, Double Paned Vinyl - approx 42-1/2” x 46” - no frame Also have 1- 35" X 23" double paned vinyl Window- no frame And, 1-23"×56" dbl paned vinyl Window - no frame
This is a Systems one material rack. It is totally aluminum, totally adjustable. It can haul lumber, metal, pipe or anything you need haul. I have had 1,800 lbs of lumber on this rack and hauled it 75 miles on one occassion alone. I`ve haul about anything you can imagine and never had problems or doubts ever. It is in excellent condition and it is sweet. Due to my health issues i no longer need...
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