Vinyl Replacement Windows FOR SALE for LE$$

VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS without the HIGH PRESSURE (METRO ATLANTA PLUS) We are looking for YOU!!! The homeowner that: doesn't like pushy "sign-today-or-else" contractors; wants a great deal they can tell everyone about; and has windows that are screaming, "We are ready for a change!" 30 minutes with us could save you THOUSANDS!!$$!! Do you like sitting through long drawn out sales pitches that end with drastic discounts that are only available if you sign a contract tonight? Of course not!! We don’t do business like traditional replacement window contractors and we don’t price our services the way they do either. Simple pricing, honest salespeople, and a GREAT PRODUCT!! WE DONT OPERATE ON a BIG OVERHEAD, so we don’t have to Get the BIG BUCKS$$$$ from you! CALL DARRELL TODAY for a FREE QUOTE 770 324 8701
Updated 18-Oct-2012
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