HOTROD John Deere 318 50" Deck Riding Lawn Mower

This John Deere 318 ain't pretty but is guaranteed to cut the thickest grass you have. >This lawnmower has been professionally installed with a 55 hp Fiat car engine that gives it more than enough juice for the toughest grasscutting jobs >Equipped with bright antique lights from a 1960 firetruck so you can cut grass in the evening no problem >The 50" deck and split brake system allow for maximum maneuverability in tight spaces and corners This baby got us through two summers cutting over 20 acres and is still going strong. Don't have any use for it now that we don't have the farm. Located in Cartersville, GA one hour north of downtown ATL Call Matt at (770) 382-8402 for questions and directions
Updated 15-Aug-2013
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