Food Truck - '88 Grumman Olson

Licensed Food Truck; Clear title The truck has a commercial refrigerator, 55 gallon water tank, stainless steel hand wash sink, hand soap dispenser, paper towel holder, stainless steel 3 compartment sink with spray nozzle fixture and a high capacity waste water tank. The cab of the truck has a plumbing system that will allow for direct connection to potable water or you can fill the water tank and use the 12v battery operated water pump to pressurize the water lines. Also there is a propane instant hot water heater. The wall that separates the front and back is about ⅓ corrugated plastic that brings a lot of natural light into the workspace. The body of the truck is made of aluminum and sits on a steel chevy chassis with dual rear wheels and a towing hitch. Two roof vents help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the truck. The truck is a P-30 '88 Grumman Olson (former bread truck) and the engine is a chevy 350 that runs and drives good with 239,238 miles. This is a great buy to get your food truck business up and going right away and since there is plenty of space for additional equipment, you can customize the truck to your needs (lemon shake ups, salad bar, coffee bar, bagel truck, snow shack, or any other type of food truck)
Updated 5-Apr-2014
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