Includes Walt Disney characters, Avon, Precious Moments, 1930's delicate planters and more
Includes the following bottle names: Fitch, Clorox, Log Cabin and Nehi. Also included are 3 1940's egg cups and misc juice glasses
Eight piece set includes serving platter, two serving pitchers, serving bowls and candlewick glasses.
Includes 16 small plates/saucers, a candlewick sugar/creamer set, a small depression bowl, and a lovely brushed glass compote server.
Radio has all tubes and is in good condition. The Instructions for Installation and Operation is included
frosted glass globes set off this elegant looking chandelier for any room in your house.
This beautiful desk once graced the Pella, Iowa school system. The top of the desk is slanted and you can just imagine a teacher sitting behind it. Note the hand-carved handles and the detail on the top side of this lovely crafted piece of wood. Also, note (image #4), the teachers wrote their name and year that they taught. What a priceless piece of history!
Joerns Brothers was founded in 1889 in St, Paul, Minnesota, but later relocated to Wisconsin. They manufactured upscale furniture until the 1950's. This beautiful full bedroom set was a wedding gift in 1927, has only had one other owner and is in excellent condition. The dovetailed drawers (image #3), beveled edges (image #4) and unique handles (image #5) add elegance and warmth to this complet...