Anthony Robbins Life & Wealth Mastery in Fiji March 3-10, 2017

Life & Wealth Mastery Seminar is Coming to Savusavu, Fiji on March 3-10, 2017! If You Are Ready for Something Better in Life, Then Don't Miss This Great Opportunity! Attend the Life & Wealth Mastery Seminar in Fiji this March and learn how you can transform your mind and body! This Life & Wealth Seminar will rejuvenate your soul, while nourishing your body and empowering your mind amidst an awe-inspiring tropical paradise. Register Today. Go to to register. Life & Wealth Mastery unites highly motivated achievers with advanced instructors in finance, productivity and personal development to create a truly immersive, transformative experience unlike any traditional resort or vacation. Click Here to register now for tickets to Life & Wealth Mastery Seminar – March 3-10, 2017. Go to for more information and/or to register. The speakers of this Life & Wealth Mastery Seminar are the following: BERNARD JENSEN Dr. Bernard Jensen spent over 60 years of his career successfully treating over 350,000 patients, published more than 50 books and received global awards of distinction and recognition for his service to the global health and nutrition community. During this session, you’ll learn where much of disease in the body starts and what you can do to reset and rebalance. DR. UDO ERASMUS Dr. Udo Erasmus was poisoned by pesticides in 1980 and unable to get medical help. He used his extensive university background in biological sciences, biochemistry, genetics and psychology to cure himself naturally. He created a method for making fresh oils for health in mind and his oils have made their way into 40 countries, even as far as Anarctica. Author of four books, Udo has given himself to educating the world on the health of fats by giving over 5,000 educational talks and more than 3,000 interviews. He will teach you the fats that kill and the fats that heal. BRIAN BRADLEY Brian Bradley is the vice president of therapy protocol for Egoscue Inc. An expert on posture, pain relief and performance, Brian has treated clients such as former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, former NFL great John Lynch, golf legend Jack Nicklaus as well as Tony Robbins himself. He is the author of Egoscue Posture Solutions as well as countless articles on the topic of posture and pain. And many more… This is no mere getaway — Life & Wealth Mastery is an experience with great purpose. Sign up now and be part of this great opportunity in the Fiji Life & Wealth Seminar – March 3-10, 2017 – Get your Tickets now. Go to to register for this spectacular event.
Updated 24-Nov-2016
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